Background to Strategic Vision

Oxfordshire is a unique location: what we do here matters, not just for the benefit of our residents and communities, but also for the wellbeing of the UK and communities across the globe.

We are at the frontier in addressing and solving the most pressing challenges facing humanity. We want Oxfordshire to thrive so that the lives of current and future generations are improved.

To achieve this will require bold, collaborative, and inclusive thinking to deliver real and lasting change in ways that build resilience and enhance environmental, social, and economic wellbeing. We will draw on our worldclass economy, our spirit of discovery and Oxfordshire’s global reputation to power this change through the adoption of clean and sustainable technology.

This Strategic Vision has been prepared by the collective leadership of the Future Oxfordshire Partnership (formally the Growth Board). The Future Oxfordshire Partnership comprises the six councils of Oxfordshire and key strategic partners.

Nine Outcomes of the Strategic Vision


Our natural environment will be in a better state than that in which we found it.


We will already be carbon neutral and accelerating towards a carbon negative future.


Our residents will be healthier and happier, and overall wellbeing will have improved.


Our local economy will be globally competitive, sustainable, diverse and inclusive.


Our community will be a more equal, fair and inclusive place for everyone.


Our vibrant historic and cultural offer will be rich, diverse and enhanced.


We will have energy efficient and affordable homes in the right number, location and tenure.


Our county’s connectivity will be transformed in ways that enhance wellbeing.


Our diverse and vibrant communities will thrive with a strong sense of identity.