Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership

The Future Oxfordshire Partnership (FOP) has an ambitious vision for a healthy, sustainable, thriving future for Oxfordshire, which all six councils have adopted.

Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership (OIEP)

The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership brings together over a hundred organisations county-wide – employers, business, education, community groups and local government – that are working to share knowledge, expertise and resources to address some of our greatest challenges. This partnership reports into the FOP and supports their work delivering the Strategic Vision.

The challenge

Oxfordshire is home to significant inequalities. It is one of only three regions that contributes a surplus to the UK economy, but despite its global position and perceived affluence, its wealth and opportunities are not evenly distributed. According to the 2019 English Indices of Deprivation, 17 of 61 wards in Oxfordshire are the most deprived in England. These are mostly contained within ten wards – one in Abingdon, three in Banbury and six in Oxford. The city of Oxford is the second most unequal place in the UK (source: Cities Outlook 2022 | Centre for Cities), in terms of income, housing affordability and life expectancy. Education attainment is below average, affecting all generations.

The vision

The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Partnership (OIEP) helps to deliver the goals of the Strategic Vision. If we are successful, by 2050 Oxfordshire will be:

To achieve these goals, the OIEP has established four working groups made up of experts in their fields:

These working groups identify practical changes that will make a difference, developing new areas of work as well as building on things that we know have worked in the past. This can involve pilot projects, trialling new collaborations or partnerships, sharing best practice, and ensuring that organisations are not working in isolation.

The work of the Partnership is being overseen by a steering group, which is co-chaired by Baroness Jan Royall, Principal Somerville College and Chair, Conference of Colleges and Jeremy Long.

The Oxfordshire Inclusive Economy Charter

The Partnership has developed a charter and pledges to help individuals, companies and organisations to set out ways in which they will help deliver the ambitions and activities to create an inclusive economy for Oxfordshire.

Open the Charter in a new tab.

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