As a partnership organisation, the FOP is uniquely positioned to amplify the collective voice of Oxfordshire’s local authorities and co-ordinate advocacy work in support of the nine outcomes of the Strategic Vision.

What we're doing

Advocating for the sustainable supply of energy

The FOP has identified shared concerns across Oxfordshire that constraints in the development of the electricity grid have the potential to negatively impact upon the pace of delivery of net zero ambitions.

To achieve collective net zero ambitions while maintaining inward investment within the county, a sustainable, decarbonised energy system is required. However, grid constraints in both the transmission and distribution elements of the electricity network are resulting in delays to deliver renewable energy projects and decarbonisation activity, which includes electric vehicle charger rollout and heat pump installation, whilst inhibiting inward investment within Oxfordshire.

We have used the collective voice of the partnership to engage with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and the government's Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) to raise our concerns and work with stakeholders to find solutions.

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