Oxfordshire is a fantastic place to live and work - but it needs affordable, energy-efficient homes for its residents to live in. Average house prices in Oxfordshire are at over 10 times median earnings and up to 17 times median earnings in the city of Oxford. Through partnership working to deliver the Strategic Vision, the FOP is committed to ensuring the county meets its housing challenges in a way that supports a healthy and happy population. If we are successful, by 2050 Oxfordshire will:

  • have energy efficient, well-designed homes, sufficient in numbers, location, type, size, tenure and affordability to meet the needs of our growing economy, young people, residents and future generations.
  • enjoy a built and historic environment which is rich and diverse, comprising high-quality places where people want to live, work, visit and invest.
  • have achieved carbon neutral status, and be accelerating towards a carbon negative future, removing more carbon than it emits each year.
  • have flourishing, diverse and vibrant communities rooted in pride with our local, national and international connections and a strong sense of civic identity.

What we're doing

The FOP provides a forum for consultation with each of the six councils that make up the partnership on the Homes from Infrastructure (HfI) programme, which Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for the delivery of.

The FOP previously oversaw the delivery of the Homes from Infrastructure (HfI) and 'Affordable Housing' programmes, that were part of the 2018 Housing and Growth Deal funding. These programmes were designed to accelerate the delivery of already planned houses in the county, including at least 1,322 affordable homes.

As well as this, the Housing Advisory Group work together to share knowledge and best practice to support one another in delivering better housing for Oxfordshire's residents.

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