Future Oxfordshire Partnership Embarks on Ambitious Net Zero Journey

March 31, 2023

The Future Oxfordshire Partnership has endorsed five workstreams of the Net Zero Route Map and Action Plan, setting out the path to a net zero future for the county.

The Future Oxfordshire Partnership is charting a bold course towards a sustainable future, as outlined in the newly endorsed Net Zero Route Map and Action Plan. With a focus on impactful climate action, the partnership is set to spearhead transformative initiatives across various sectors. To support the objective of a net zero Oxfordshire, the Future Oxfordshire Partnership commissioned the development of a route map and action plan for the county, intended to identify joint actions that the Oxfordshire local authorities can take together to provide a catalyst for positive action with regards to net zero, across the region.

The comprehensive plan, detailed in the Net Zero Route Map and Action Plan, encompasses several key workstreams that will redefine the region's commitment to sustainability. At its meeting in March 2023, the Future Oxfordshire Partnership prioritised five of these workstreams:

  1. Local Area Energy Planning: The partnership is launching a dedicated function to continually assess and optimize local energy usage, ensuring Oxfordshire's communities lead the charge in sustainable energy practices.
  2. Decarbonizing Buildings: A commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings across Oxfordshire, promoting eco-friendly construction and retrofitting initiatives.
  3. Publicly Accessible Electric Vehicle Charge Points: Accelerating the transition to electric vehicles, the partnership will support the roll out a robust network of accessible charge points, making sustainable     transportation a reality for all.
  4. Carbon Sequestration through Land Use Change: The partnership aims to enhance carbon sequestration through targeted habitat restoration and creation, nurturing Oxfordshire's natural assets for a greener future.
  5. Innovative Funding Mechanisms: Exploring new avenues for funding, the partnership seeks to bolster financial support for net-zero activities, ensuring the swift and effective implementation of sustainable projects.

The Net Zero Route Map and Action Plan will support the ambitious goals of the Strategic Vision for Sustainable Development which all six Oxfordshire councils have adopted. Oxfordshire's residents can look forward a more sustainable and resilient Oxfordshire, setting a benchmark for environmentally conscious regions.

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